I’m incredibly excited to share an evolution in my journey and that of Dream Tank, an initiative very close to my heart. As we continue to push boundaries in youth empowerment and entrepreneurship, our efforts have found a new platform – a weekly column on AboutBoulder.com, titled “EmpowerGen: Amplifying the Voice of the Future“.

What makes this development even more special is that my daughter, Summer Cuppari Gould, will be joining this effort as a contributing editor and production assistant. Summer, a recent graduate of Fairview High School and a soon-to-be freshman at the University of Colorado Leeds Business School, has been an entrepreneur and change-maker since the age of 7. Her experiences, which range from helping me create and launch Dream Tank to attending the United Nations as a climate delegate, will offer deep insights into our discourse about today’s youth.

“EmpowerGen” is more than just a column; it’s a mission to change the narrative surrounding our youth, from one of doom and gloom to one brimming with hope and creativity. Too often, the potential of our young people is obscured by the challenges they face. This column is here to shine a light on their strength, their resilience, and their capacity to innovate.

Our aim with “EmpowerGen” is twofold: to amplify the voices of the young generation and to offer valuable insights to parents, business leaders, and philanthropists eager to understand the mindsets and ideas shaping the youth of today. The column will spotlight the struggles, victories, and unique perspectives of young people, and in doing so, we hope to foster an ecosystem of support that extends far beyond Boulder.

Our work has always been about empowering young people to be part of the solution, not the problem. “EmpowerGen” continues this ethos by inspiring confidence in young people to actively design a brighter, more sustainable future. This initiative aligns with a study published in Connected Science Learning, titled “Beyond Doom and Gloom: Teaching Climate Change to Foster Empowerment”. The research underscores the importance of fostering hope and resilience in our youth as they tackle the issue of climate change.

This column is just another step in our mission to amplify the voices of the future. Every voice matters, every dream counts. And we need these dreams and these voices more than ever, as we navigate the challenges of the present and shape a better future.

Moreover, our collaboration with PeaceJam, an organization with 14 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates serving as members, enriches this initiative by bringing invaluable wisdom and experience to the table. These Laureates, who have dedicated their lives to combating critical issues facing humanity, serve as an immense source of inspiration. Their influence provides young change-makers the unique opportunity to interact with and learn from these global leaders.

The synergy between PeaceJam’s mission and the EmpowerGen column underscores the power of connecting youthful enthusiasm with the wisdom of the world’s peacemakers. By providing young people with direct access to Nobel Laureates, we aim to nurture a deeper understanding of leadership and social entrepreneurship.

The EmpowerGen column, infused with this global perspective and PeaceJam’s enriching mentorship, serves as an incredible platform for young people to understand, engage with, and propose solutions to world problems. In turn, this aids in fulfilling Dream Tank’s mission to empower the next generation to be global leaders in innovation, creativity, and social entrepreneurship.”

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to mentor, empower, and shape tomorrow’s leaders. Check out our column on AboutBoulder.com and on the CU Buff Stuff page. And, please, share it with the young people in your life. Encourage them to lend their voices, their dreams, and their creative solutions to this platform. After all, this isn’t just about Boulder; it’s about the world.

Together, let’s ignite a global youth-led movement for change, sparking a brighter, more hopeful future for all. Let’s make our time, our voice, and our future count.

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