New Podcast Hosted by Heidi Cuppari: Building Dreams For The Future With Youth.

Achieving Moonshots with Youth, Tech, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and Zolt-ha: The New Atlantis – Designed by youth, families and cross sector leaders

This podcast is going to explore how our dreams, known or unexplored, are the key to creating a new vision for the world, and how young people today are the key to manifesting it.

Other Podcasts

Links to podcasts I’ve participated in about sustainable investing, gamification, youth innovation and entrepreneurship and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Podcast Host: NextGEN Economy Podcast

Featured on Other podcasts:

Youth-led Podcast: “Technically Fulfilled”

Changing The Story Podcast

Techstars #GiveFirst Podcast with David Cohen, Heidi Cuppari and Amalia R.

Social Impact Media Podcast

Impact Investing / Money & Meaning

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