Links to podcasts I’ve participated in about sustainable investing, gamification, youth innovation and entrepreneurship and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Current Podcast Host: NextGEN Economy Podcast

Featured on Other podcasts:

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Techstars #GiveFirst Podcast with David Cohen, Heidi Cuppari and Amalia R.

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Cuppari Mondo Bello Gallery NFT Drop: The Door To Utopia

Below is a press release sent this week: my father Pasquale Cuppari, highlighted below, will be releasing an NFT series on this platform in mid-September.

The Door to Utopia is an NFT drop offering tickets to Utopia and the Sublime; to be used to enter Utopia in a community, or to trade in the open NFT marketplace

Follow along in these channels for early access to the NFT “Tickets” To Utopia!

Medium: http://enterutopia.medium.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/utopia_enter/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/utopia_enter

Telegram: https://t.me/EnterUtopiaNFT

Collective Action Tank for the SDGS ignited at The Digital Economist Roundtable Series on Aug 12 and 13.

I was delighted to have hosted a roundtable on Future of Urbanization: Convergence of Digitalization and Sustainability at the upcoming “Beyond Stakeholder Capitalism” summit (Aug 12 and 13), curated by The Digital Economist, from 11:00-11:55am Eastern on Friday, August 13.

These critical and fast-paced conversations, limited to 25 participants per roundtable, addressed the vital transitions necessary – and already emerging – in our energy, IT, water and other networked industries.

From a report from the Digital Economist released after the event, there were 250 participants, 40 hosts, and 10 roundtables over 2 days as well as dozens of initiatives aimed at going beyond stakeholder value – towards shared value. It was a summit co-curated by the participants just as much as by the hosts, held during the historical week marking the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s report warning ‘code red for humanity’. Indeed, it could not have been more timely and the initiatives aimed at building a sustainable, inclusive and equitable future, more critical than ever.

At the summit I was joined by guests representing:

WEF, CSIS, Accenture, Microsoft, United Nations Technology Bank for LDCs, MIT Media Lab, Gates Foundation, IBM, U.S. Department of Energy, Johnson Controls, UC Berkeley, Yale University, DTCC, Deloitte, Atos, Edelweiss Gallagher, Southern California Edison, etc. This is a gender-balanced roundtable series, ensuring diversity in backgrounds, industries, geographies and identities.

Participants’ organizations (to name a few, our private list is much longer): EY, AWS, Bloomberg, United Nations Development Programme, MIT, BNY Mellon, IBM, CitiBank, HP, Singularity University, University of Copenhagen, Women in Sustainable Innovation, etc.

The co-hosts for my roundtable included: Alvin Ng (Johnson Controls), Reshma Singh, LEED AP, PMP (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Sreekanth Venkataraman (The Digital Economist & SIA Solutions)

The Digital Economist, of which I am a council member, is an advisory firm and a global impact ecosystem focused on building insights, products, services and programs towards positive human and planetary outcomes.