Last week, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Playa Puertecito, a place where the magnificence of turquoise waters merges with the enchantment of nature. Read last week’s article written on the land here. 

As we continue to explore the profound connections and transformative experiences that unfold in this remarkable sanctuary, we are reminded of the immense power of youth empowerment and the remarkable stories that emerge from young changemakers.

Ulysses Diaz, a volunteer and local community builder, in his contemplation of our purpose in this beautiful place, prompted us to reflect on the deeper significance of our presence. His questions, “Why are we here? What are we looking for?” resonate deeply, urging us to consider the impact our decisions today have on generations to come. Playa Puertecito becomes the stage where our hearts, muscles, and spirits align with nature, Earth, and all that is mysterious and alive. It is a place where being uncomfortable becomes an opportunity for growth and where we reinforce our belief in a future where many worlds coexist harmoniously.

Alyssa, a community health nurse, beautifully captured the essence of Playa Puertecito as a majestic realm where nature’s beauty and wonder envelop us. It is a space where we can tap into our inner child, embracing play, mystery, and a profound connection to the source of all life. The stewards of the land, along with the warm-hearted Gente of the local community, create an atmosphere of welcome and care, making us feel like we belong. Simmering in the starlight of the night sky and dancing with the bioluminescence in the sea, we witness the symphony of life unfolding. Eagle rays gracefully glide through the waters, puffer fish share their contagious smiles, and a multitude of magnificent sea creatures open their doors to us. In this enchanting place, we are reminded of the vibrational harmony of la Tierra, urging us to cherish each day as a blessing and to express gratitude for all that Mother Earth provides.

Victor Jr., one of our exceptional guides and family partners, invites us to revel in the glory of Playa Puertecito. From small encounters with marine life like the endearing pufferfish to thrilling night swims amidst bioluminescence, every experience connects us in a marvelous and unique way with the Earth. The sheer joy and vitality that fill this place awaken our spirits and infuse us with a sense of being truly alive. Victor’s intention is to provide us with unforgettable moments, woven with the essence of Playa Puertecito. Each day spent in this extraordinary setting offers spontaneous adventures, brimming with serendipity and unique encounters. Amongst the countless remarkable experiences, swimming with eagle rays and witnessing the breathtaking bioluminescent spectacle in the Sea of Cortez stand out as indelible highlights etched into our memories.

Kate, PeaceJam Executive Director, who helped orchestrate this adventure, was sitting on the beach during our final morning, and beautifully expressed the magic that envelops Playa Puertecito. “In this haven, we transcend the chaos of the outside world, peering deep into our own beings. Amidst fears, doubts, opinions, and beliefs, this land liberates us, grounding and illuminating our souls. Playa Puertecito becomes a space where stillness and love emanate, revealing the profound interconnectedness of all things.”

In our journey at Playa Puertecito, we are privileged to encounter incredible individuals who embody the spirit of youth changemakers. Next week, we will shine a spotlight on Jill, a remarkable young voice who has been making a difference since the age of nine. We will delve into her unique perspective on the different spaces and worlds that exist within and beyond Playa Puertecito. Moreover, we will explore the concept of “genius” and its original meaning, which describes a place that possesses extraordinary power derived from natural forces and the people who inhabit it.

Join us next week as we unravel the inspiring story of Jill, a true catalyst for change, and discover the profound insights she brings to the transformative journey at Playa Puertecito. Together, let us continue to embrace the extraordinary and pave the way for a future where dreams become reality.

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