I found it hard to write the EmpowerGen article these past couple weeks (Last article here). As I stand on the precipice of one of the most significant rites of passage as a parent, the emotions swirl within […]


Welcome back to the eighth week of our EmpowerGen column! As we continue our journey, we shift our focus to a pressing issue affecting youth in both Boulder and Baja: mental health. The rise in suicide rates, school […]
While Summer was putting the finishing touches on last week’s article, Gen Z: Rising Up for Climate Action and a Sustainable Future, the doorbell unexpectedly rang. On my doorstep was a smiling teenager named Dakota Hess-Tolene, who was […]
EmpowerGEN Column – Aboutboulder.com Week of June 12 2023 Gen Z: Rising Up for Climate Action and a Sustainable Future Hey everyone, it’s Summer here, and I’m super excited to dive into this week’s EmpowerGen column! Today, let’s […]
Welcome to EmpowerGen: Amplifying the Voice of the Future, a pioneering weekly column featured on AboutBoulder.com. Co-authored by Heidi Cuppari and her enterprising daughter, Summer Cuppari Gould, this column aims to inspire, motivate, and ignite the limitless potential of today's youth. EmpowerGen is a global platform where young voices echo, encouraging a shift from a narrative of despair to a dialogue of hope and creativity. Join us as we spotlight their struggles and victories, fostering an ecosystem of support and shaping the leaders of tomorrow, today.