We are the change we are looking for! Beautifully and powerfully said by the nations youngest ever Nobel laureate poet, Amanda Gorman:

“May Love be our Legacy, and Change be every child’s birthright.”

YES, Amanda!! What a day of happy energy that the nation and the world really needed to feel together. A ripple of light.

And, I believe that by continuing to listen to and partner with all young people we CAN create this birthright for them.

All they need is true focus and support, in the education system and all sectors, to help them be empowered and confident to share their ideas, voices, dreams, love and change mindset with the world. We all need to show up with our gifts – and if we are supported to do so – We’ll all be thriving together.

Thus, I’ll be blogging this year more about three main areas:

  1. Youth innovation and entreprenuership for Social Change
  2. The future of Art and empowering artists in the new digital economy
  3. The future of Money and empowering individuals, families, and companies, across sectors, generations and asset classes to achieve their financial dreams and create the impact and profits they wish to have in the world..

Here we go!!


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