Work with me

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  • Artists and Collectors: I’m all about helping you make money AND impact with your art and finding new amplifying revenue streams, so you can focus more on your art.
    • NFTs + Physical Art Sales: I can help you choose, curate and present your work to NFT platforms that align with your collector avatar, and help you project your potential revenue from this channel.
    • Limited edition prints + Physical Art Sales – In addition, I work with other platforms that can both sell your original art as well as sell, print and ship limited edition versions of your work.
    • I can align your artwork with the social impact you’d like to have, using the framework of the United Nations’ SDGs, and introduce your work into new markets with collectors and investors who want to purchase art, crypto, and have social impact with their investments.

  • Social Impact Connectrixing: I have a vast network in social impact after 17 years of impact investing across all asset classes, and mentoring social ventures. I’d love to connect you with your dream amplifying connection, whether it be a distribution partner, strategic partner, funder, prospective client, or more.
  • Impact Investors and Family Offices: I can help you align money and mission in your investment portfolio and philanthropy.